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Shanika King, CD-L

Executive Director, Doula, Case Manager  

Shanika King is a Certified Labor Doula And Breastfeeding consultant, with a genuine desire to improve the birthing experience and make a positive Birth for all parties involved. Shanika received her training from Dona International and Certification from Produla. Shanika has a bachelor’s degree in healthcare management and years of experience in Trauma Informed Care, Ob/Gyn care and Case management. She Believes in meeting her clients where they are and supporting them through it all, so they can have it all. If you are looking to upgrade your experience and achieve what you want out of your birth, She’s the one to see. Set up a meeting today.

Stay Humble and Hustled Hard

I stayed humble and hustled hard to make it to where i am today and I am still not done, there is so much I still have to do. Never give up, even if its hard and seems impossible to do. Giving up should never be an option when you have someone depending on you. Storms don't last forever and it will always get better.  Everyone has issues its the way you handle those issues is what sets you apart. 

Shanika King. Co-Founder

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