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Nikeya Traynham, MBA, CD-L

Program Director, Doula, Case Management 

Nikeya is an Omaha native, Certified Labor Doula and Breastfeeding Counselor who obtained her training through DONA International and Certification with Prodoula in 2021. She has a Master’s in Public Health aiming to bring holistic health and wellness to the forefront of the black community. She accompanies women as they prepare for childbirth and continues to support them in birth and beyond. Nikeya is a health professional with 20 years of experience in Prenatal/Maternal care. Nikeya is Co-Founder, Program Director and Case Manager of: A Mother’s Love Inc., a nonprofit organization that focuses on the love support and empowerment of young pregnant mothers. Nikeya has 3 children of her own in which she had the opportunity to experience natural birth, medication induced birth breastfeeding and bottle feeding. She shares her wisdom and understanding of birth, breastfeeding and holistic parenting to advise and support women in their decision- making process. Her passion is serving women and their families throughout this momentous event.

Nikeya sees her work as one of nurturing women as they explore their birth visions and walking with them as they uncover their own practices and rituals that will birth these visions into being.

With a strong passion for Holistic health and wellness, she understands the dynamic nature of pregnancy, labor and birth and will incorporate these various aspects when supporting and advocating you through your journey of motherhood. 

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